We aim to please...

 If you aren't happy, we really do want to know!  Tell us before you leave so we can try to make it right!

We urge all clients to closely look over their pets at pick up for any adjustments that may need to be made.   

It's important to note..some dogs become itchy after grooming, so if you notice your pet licking or scratching excessively , please take a look.  Catching it early will ensure they do not cause a sore to develop.  Often times a dog will scratch or lick until they bleed.  Problem areas tend to be around the neck, on the rear end and the belly area.  However, problems can arise anywhere  your pet can reach.

The options are endless at TGR! If you have a request not listed below... please ask!

Grooming Price List

This price list is a guide only. There are far too many variables to pinpoint a price without additional information.

Additional Services




Capstar will be administered to any pet brought into our salon that has fleas.  

The pet owner will be charged $8.00 plus tax.

Capstar is available for independent purchase as well, for the same price.

Flea Medication

We also carry topical flea medication for dogs and cats of all sizes.

Prices vary by size and type .

Need to Treat Your Home?

If you  need to treat your home for fleas,  it may be a good idea to schedule your pet's grooming on the same day so they are away.  If they don't need a groom, you may be able to leave them with us for the day for a fee.  Just give us a call ahead of time to make sure we have room!