Tips to make grooming less stressful for your pet

Additional Information


  • Take your pet on a walk if possible, directly before bringing them in.  This wears off energy and allows them plenty of opportunities to relieve themselves.
  • Brush you pet daily - or several times per week, if you wish to maintain a long coat. Make sure you brush under the legs and in the pits, behind and under the ears, around the collar, etc.,  where there is a lot of friction and matting tends to occur.  Do NOT attempt to bathe a matted dog, as water will set the matting in for good and the soap will be trapped near the skin and cause irritation.  We will make every effort to save your pet's coat if you desire, but we will not torture a dog.  De-matting is very time consuming and can become painful...we often recommend a close shave and starting over.  Not because we don't want to do the work, but because it is stressful for your pet and again, possibly painful. We only want great experiences for your pet-where they feel loved and welcome.
  • Although it is often more convenient for owners, we prefer not to groom your pet immediately after a vet's appointment where they have received shots or other painful treatment.  We will do our best to accommodate you and your schedule, but again, we don't want your pet to incur more stress than necessary or associate us with anything negative.
  • KEEP YOUR PET'S NAILS TRIMMED.  We offer this as a walk-in service.  If they grow too long, the quick grows too and then you can not get them short enough without cutting the quick and causing them to bleed. This is very painful for your pet.  After THAT has happened, good luck trimming their nails again. Once it has been painful, they will not be so cooperative.  Walking you pet regularly on the pavement may help keep them filed down between grooms, but keep an eye on it.  Generally nails need to be trimmed every 6-8 weeks.  
  • This is a big one... Many pet owners come in a little early to pick up their pet.  This can create a really big problem.  Once your baby sees, hears or smells you...the groom is likely over.  They get so excited that they become unmanageable on the table and it becomes a dangerous situation for your pet and our groomer.  We use sharp tools, and a wriggling, jumping doggy means the groom can't be completed.  This is the LAST thing we send your baby home unfinished or injured.  Peek around the window, or give us a call to verify we are done, just to be safe.


If you have a puppy...


  • Start today!  Brushing, rubbing his/her feet when you are watching television or during another relaxing activity.  Get him/her comfortable around running water, loud noises (like hair dryers), things they will encounter at the groomer.    ​
  • Bring him or her in to the grooming salon to meet us!  We can introduce them to our table, tub, play areas and get a few snuggles in while we are at it!  We recommend puppy grooming starting at about 8 weeks (or sooner).  
  • Don't feel sad or scared for you pet to come see us!  It's not a bad thing and we already love them!  We know they are your baby...we have several of our own!  Your puppy will feel your insecurities and will likely mirror your emotions. Be happy and relaxed and they will too!